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for what its worth i wont give up [entries|friends|calendar]
lets set our hearts at self destruct

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[09 Sep 2005|12:26am]
with heart held in hand heaven on hold for her
seeking sincerity so she could sleep among the stars
watching as all these dreams perish in flame
more than a thousand fears have arose in mind
watch out they're just giving you hope for nothing.
because by mornings sun this will only be a rumor
and no one will have known any of this had happened.
for today will be no more than just a memory.
in the midnight hour

[02 May 2005|03:25pm]
while we sleep under a blanket of stars
the world around us crumbles from lies
for beginners grasp for false devotion causing scars
those in love lose themselves in staring eyes
watching as all of these dreams of mine expire
a thousand fears have arose inside my head
and know i have found a true love to admire
i'm hoping you heard those three words i said
in the midnight hour

[02 May 2005|12:19pm]
these days seem to just melt together in the summers heat
and im left here with pen in hand with no paper to write on
this writers block i've been having has since flown away
and i sit here carving her name into stone til i am done
this broken wrist of mine deserve nothing more
then the paper cuts from my notebooks fight
yet i continue to keep writing as my blood pour out
on the paper with those three words i always write
in the midnight hour

[01 May 2005|07:34pm]
comments are super!

edit: now if you'd only comment on my poems and such!
8 wished for dawn| in the midnight hour

they always told you to chase your dreams [21 Apr 2005|09:25pm]
these dreams of you have been haunting me for days
and i know that these fairy tales will never come true
i'm always sitting here with this pen and paper
thinking of new happy endings where i end up with you
every night this pen keeps running out of ink
yet every night i find myself writing you another letter
i wait here til this broken watch of mine reaches 1:43
and darling we both know this has never been better
so we lay here til these hands and lips stop shaking
til it comes time for us to kiss each other goodnight
with these kisses killing me more then the last before
i can't seem to remember what is wrong and what is right
so to those times when we would just sat here and talk
i bid you farewell for i will be awaking from this dream
now these cold nights bring nothing more to me but memories
and when i wake to find you were only a reverie i scream
in the midnight hour

[18 Apr 2005|06:38pm]
they told you not to play with fire
watch out or you will get burned
time after time standing with the match
with these scars i still haven't learned
yet i can not leave things this way
maybe its these dreams holding me here
or maybe its the kiss you place on these lips
that happens to be keeping my near
in the midnight hour

[18 Apr 2005|06:13pm]
i'll strike a match and walk away
let these building burn to the ground
hold my hand and run for the hills
i've lost everything i've ever found
and now these building i've betrayed
find revenge in falling in on me
this is my white flag in time of war
i surrender a slave to my own destiny
in the midnight hour

i fell in love with a girl whos in love with killing me [14 Apr 2005|01:57am]
let me tell you these three words
my dear, i've yelled them before
so much my face has turned blue
yet you always seem to want more
you name the price and i'll pay
we both know this is how i feel
and you always use it against me
so i was hoping to cut a deal
my heart for just a chance to breathe
your kiss of death crumbling my knees
those eyes can pull of anything
making beauty lool like a breeze
so i pled, may we seal this with a kiss
a deal that at 1:43 when the alarm screams
that you will still be here
when i wake from these dreams
7 wished for dawn| in the midnight hour

[30 Mar 2005|01:24am]
A Picture StoryCollapse )
in the midnight hour

comments are always welcome [21 Mar 2005|01:09pm]
i wrote these words a thousand times
and each time i scribbled them out
i wont walk around on broken glass
bearing my emotions as shoes anymore
this is my last attempt to have you
when will you find out what loves about
i have told you i love you to much
for you to walk out that door
i knew it would never happen my way
still i prayed you stay til morning
and then we ended it with a kiss
that just happen to not seem right
so please give me an open ear
i will scream three words for you my darling
give the chamber a spin baby
with six packed you can't lost tonight
in the midnight hour

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